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Rubber Roofing

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Rubber Roofing Edmonton

Euroshield is a permanent roofing system.

Install a rubber roofing system with us and receive:

  • Customized workmanship
  • Premium grade underlayment is available
  • Cap-nails are available
  • 30 or 50 snow guards
  • Discounts


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Roof Repair 

safe roofing repair replacement service in Edmonton

Rubber roofing pros:

  • Resemble natural cedar shake or slate
  • 50 years lifespan
  • Extremely durable, hail resistant
  • Vermont Slate HP (solid core) is hail proof*
  • Do not crack, curl or rot
  • The interlocking system provides great wind resistance
  • Up to 95% recycled content

*is warrantied hail proof for any size hail for the first 20 years, followed by 30 additional years of 2" hail damage. 

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Rubber Roofing and EPDM 

A rubber roof is also known as an EPDM roof. EPDM is a commonly used roofing system for flat roofs. However, this type of rubber roof should be distinguished from the Euroshield rubber roofing system. Euroshield rubber roofing system is for sloped roofs, and they require a minimum roof pitch of 3/12. 

How to check if a roofing contractor is qualified? 

This is especially crucial when you are going to spend big bucks and do a once-in-a-lifetime Euroshield rubber roofing system for your home. Before you pick up the phone and make a call, I encourage you to do a little bit of roofing contractor research. 

roof inspection

How to check your roofing contractor?

1. Reputable roofing contractors are searchable on the internet. They are often BBB accredited for several years, have an official website, active social media sites on multiple platforms. 

Check how long your roofing contractor has been in business. Don't just believe what people tell you. 


2. Reputable roofing contractors may not be the lowest bidders. 

3. Reputable roofing contractors do not do "cash deals" for a roof replacement. 

4. Ask for a list of references. 

5. Send roofing contractors emails, ask hard questions and see if they are responsive and helpful. 

6. Reputable roofing contractors will not promise you everything and anything. But when they promise you to do something they will deliver them on time and budget. 


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