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Euroshield Roofing Products


Euroshield Roofing Products

Created over 20 years ago, Euroshield rubber roofing products are the best overall permanent roofing solution for your home. 

Safe Roofing is Euroshield's preferred installer in Edmonton. We've visited the manufacturer, studied and installed many rubber roofing products for homeowners. We even installed a Euroshield roof for our own homes!




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Euroshield is affordable

In Edmonton. the average cost is C$9.00* per square foot - material and labour, cedar tear-off. For asphalt tear-off roofs, the cost is lower.

It is the most economical permanent roofing solution for Edmonton homeowners. Metal roofing and clay tiles are more pricey.

Euroshield has two styles: wood shake and slate. And three colours: black, light grey, and dark brown.

A fourth colour called "driftwood" (light brown) is available in 2021, but the material cost is 17% more. 

*2021 pricing.

Safe Roofing Photo: Beaumont shake in light grey, with snow guards

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Tough Stuff

Euroshield roofing product is made to be tough. For instance, Vermont Slate HP (solid core) panels can sustain any sized ice balls firing at 183 mph with no damage. They are the first roofing product to hold status as hail-proof.

This kind of toughness has granted ALL Euroshield products a Class 4 impact resistance rating – the highest rating available at a minimum, while hail-proof for Vermont Slate HP. Most asphalt shingles’ impact resistance rating is a Class 3, and they are likely to sustain damages during a hailstorm.

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A lifetime roofing system

Unlike wood shakes and asphalt shingles, rubber roofing is nonporous. Euroshield roofing products do not absorb moisture, and they will not rot, peel, crack or break down. They can also withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without incurring damage. Once they are installed correctly, the Euroshield rubber roofing system will last a lifetime. (50 years)

Safe Roofing Photo: full-sized Euroshield panels

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Beautiful Roofs

Euroshield products do not look like rubber tires. They accurately replicate the authentic look and texture of cedar shakes and stone slates. Both designs come with a thicker profile (3/4” at butt edge) and a regular profile (1/2” at butt edge) at a much lower cost.

The best-sellers are Beaumont Shake and Vermont Slate. They are the regular shake and slate profiles with the same functionality and warranty promise as the thicker profiles! 

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Do I need to install snow guards? 

Starting in 2020, the first 30 to 50 snow guards are for free and they are automatically included in your Euroshield roofing quote. In some cases, we recommend having more than 30 or 50 snow guards installed because they can help to block large chunks of snow falling all at once from your roof; however, we are not obligated to install any snow guards, and the homeowners have the responsibly to make the decision. We are willing to assist you to map out the locations and calculate the cost. 

What can we do for you?

If you are interested in the product please contact us. We are more than happy to schedule a free consultation and provide an obligation free quote for you.

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