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Roof Repair


Roof Repair

The Time to Repair your Roof is When the Sun is Shining – John F Kennedy

The most common roof leaks are caused by missing shingles, attic condensation, damaged roofing accessories, poor chimney flashings, and aged skylight flashings.


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Roof Repairs 

We do not offer free quotes for roof repairs. In 2022, the average shingle blow-offs and the fascia repair cost were $350. Chimney flashings or leaky chimney repairs were $900-$1500. Ventilation repairs were $300 - $1,200. Please email us pictures and a description if you want a more accurate estimation. Our email is info@saferoofing.ca. 

Gutter Cleans

If you have leaky gutters, the chances are that they need to be cleaned. 

A full cleaning involves:

  • Sweeping debris and leaves off of the roof.
  • Scooping out debris and leaves from the drain outlet and removing encrusted dirt.
  • Cleaning and clearing any blockages in the drain pipe.

If your gutters are not clogged but have several leaky corners, they may need to be replaced.

Snow Guards Installation

The cost is $15 per piece. (including both snow guards and labour)
The cost is higher on steep roofs (7/12 or higher). 

We use Alpine snow guards.

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Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roof in Edmonton remains the most popular for homeowners.

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Roof Replacement

Safe Roofing Edmonton offers roof replacement on old leaky roofs, to alleviate attic condensation, ice damming, shingle failure and metal flashing work.

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If your skylight is close to 25 years, consider replacing it with your next roof replacement. Call 780-246-7597 for information.

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Safe Roofing does much more than roof replacement. We also have a suite of gutter services as well.

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