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Safety & Abuse Policies

All Safe Roofing crew members have the following certifications and training:

  • Fall Protection
  • First Aid
  • Liability Insurance
  • In-house Equipment and Ladder Use Training
  • Fit for Work

Everyone’s safety is our top concern, which is why all our staff and crew members are WCB insured.

At Safe Roofing, we have the responsibility to provide a safe and abuse-free workplace for our employees, contractors and customers. 

The abuse policy applies equally to all employees, temporary workers, contractors, visitors, and customers.

Workplace abuse includes: 

1. Embarrassing, offensive, threatening, racist, or degrading language verbally or online. 

2. Demanding roofers/workers perform additional works that are outside of their normal scope of work. 

3. Provoke fears or diminish a person's dignity or self-esteem. 

4. Destruction of the workplace, co-worker's property, or customer's property. 

5. Harassing phone calls or emails. 

6. Hitting, kicking, punching, pushing, shoving, slapping, pinching, biting, or grabbling a person. 

7. Inappropriate jokes, may or may not be sexual in nature. 

Safe Roofing does not tolerate abuse and violence. Any such behaviour will trigger appropriate disciplinary action, termination of employment or contractual work, and lawful actions. 

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